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OLMAD is a high-quality diesel fuel pump manufacturer located near Ivrea in northern Italy. It began manufacturing diesel fuel pumps in 1963 and now has more than forty years experience in the sector. OLMAD's pumps are ideal as Bosch or AC Delco type spare parts and are aimed at the wholesale market. The company has a large and constantly up-to-date catalogue of products suitable for all leading brands of industrial vehicles and earth moving machinery.
OLMAD has chosen to focus on product quality with a manufacturing process that uses the latest numerically-controlled machine tools. All products are tested following assembly.As a result, OLMAD fuel pumps are the perfect solution for large-scale distribution in the spare parts market.OLMAD is the ideal brand for replacement fuel pumps in industrial vehicles and earth moving machinery anywhere in the world.The OLMAD brand name is internationally renowned for reliability. Its sales organisation consists of a network of exclusive dealers and importers based in all five continents.In the Italian market, OLMAD's products are widely distributed in the south of the country. The main outlet markets at an international level are Germany, France and the UK in Europe, along with markets in developing countries including Morocco,Nigeria, Algeria and India.

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